Triathlon Australia Qualifying Race
Titan Series Victor Harbor Triathlons 2018

Sid James & Event Strategies 24th ASICS Victor Harbor Tri.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are late entries and final registrations made?
What do I need to know about my transponder?
What do I need to be able to compete in the triathlon?
What are the age restrictions to entering the ASICS Victor Harbor Triathlons and Fun run/walk
What category do I enter “open” or “age group” or “TA member” when entering the ASICS Victor Harbor Triathlons and Fun run?walk?
What do I do now to enter the ASICS Victor Harbor Triathlons?
What happens if I take the chance and want enter later closer to the race day?
What happens now?
What is the difference between entering and registering?
What happens at registration?
What happens if I or we couldn’t make registration and still want to compete?
Where can I do warm ups?
What happens on race day?
What happens at swim start?
What happens at cycle start?
What happens at run start?
What happens when I finish?
What happens after I finish?
What time can I get my bike/gear out of the bike compound/transition area?
What happens at presentation?
What happens with my results?
What happens when my results are incorrect or missing?
Are my pets allowed during fun walk?
Where can I get photos from the event?
Who do I contact if I have feedback?

Triathlon South Australia state series race (Race 8).

2018 South Australian Standard distance State Championship event

2018 Standard distance National Qualifying event