Triathlon Australia Qualifying Race
State Series Victor Harbor Triathlons 2021

Presented by Sid James & Event Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are late entries and final registrations made?
Last year’s ASICS Victor Harbor Triathlons & Fun Run had nearly 1000 competitors so don’t leave your entry too late. Final registration will be held on Saturday afternoon & night at the Anchorage Seafront Hotel on the Cnr Coral St & Flinders Parade between 2 & 5pm where you may also lodge your late entries with the appropriate late entry fee. Late entries and registration can be accepted on Sunday morning with the appropriate late but we prefer you register Saturday.
What do I need to know about my timing transponder?
Your timing transponder is in the blue plastic housing attached to a velcro band. It is not disposable & must be returned. It is linked to your race number & the race you are in, so if you have collected several make sure you have the right one. Strap the band to your left ankle with the blue housing facing out. Test that it is secure. Lost transponders cost $44. See instructions for how to attach the timing band here

How it works
– your time and number are recorded every time you step on a timing mat. Dead heats are decided by the first transponder to be detected ie left foot on mat. All individuals competing on the day will need 1 transponder except those in the mini distance triathlon
– Relay teams will have one transponder per team. Swimmer wears it first, transfers to cyclist who then transfers it to the team runner who crosses the finish mat. The transponder transfer point is where the team bike is racked.
– When you cross the finish mat, walk & stay in order in the finish chute until you are past the backup cameras.
– Return your transponder to the Registration marquee by the swim start
– If you do not finish you must tell finish line staff & return your transponder to them
– If you register and collect your transponder but later do not start, you must still return your transponder

What do I need to be able to compete in the triathlon?
The triathlon is a swim, cycle, run completed in succession as an individual or in a team
Pick an event that suits your fitness level. Talk to other participants if unsure of your ability
See your doctor if you are not sure about your health
You only need a road worthy push bike and a serviceable bike helmet that is AS approved
You do not need a wetsuit (although they are handy if the water is cold), towel, bathers or shorts and goggles (not compulsory) stops eyes stinging in the inland extra salty water lake
You will need cycling and or running shoes, socks are optional and a garment that covers your upper torso
You will need credit card or PayPal account to pay for your online entry, contact RD if not possible
You or a friend will need an active email account
You would be advised to purchase a race number bib belt before or at the event instead of sticking pins through your garments
What are the age restrictions to entering the ASICS Victor Harbor Triathlons and Fun run/walk
All minimum ages are set by Triathlon Australia. Individually Mini triathlon 6yr – 18yr, Short triathlon 12yr – 80+, Sprint triathlon 14yr – 80+, Olympic triathlon 15yr – 80+
Teams Mini triathlon 6yr, Short triathlon 10yr, Sprint triathlon 13yr, Olympic triathlon 14yr
What category do I enter “open” or “age group” or “TA member” when entering the ASICS Victor Harbor Triathlons and Fun run?walk?
TA members are athletes that have paid their yearly Triathlon Australia membership and they get a reduced entry fee. You do not have to be a TA member to compete
Open competitors are athletes racing for overall gender placings and prize money in the Olympic distance triathlon. They are not eligible for age category awards.
Age group competitors are athletes wanting to compete in any event offered on the day to compete against others in the same age group category for age group category awards.
Age group competitors who have TA membership and compete in the Olympic distance triathlon will receive points towards their selection in the Australian triathlon team heading to the Age Group World Championships
What do I do now to enter the ASICS Victor Harbor Triathlons?
Make sure you have active email account
Make sure you have credit card or PayPal account
Make decision on which event to enter
Make decision on what category individual or team
You can have 2 or 3 members in a team
Make sure your TA membership is current (TA membership is not compulsory to compete in the ASICS VH Tri)
Use website to enter/click on “enter here button” this will direct you to the Slashsport online entry program
You do not have to become a member of Slashsport but they do have great regular sport item deals and specials
Choose the entry type ? “Enter a Person” or “Enter a Team”
Your age is taken from the 31st of December and using the first year of the triathlon season eg; 2018-2019 summer season
Fill out ALL required personal details (ASICS VH Triathlons does not pass on any personal details to a 3rd party)
Pay the amount owing using credit card or PayPal account or contact RD for further instructions
You will get confirmation that you have paid via your active entered email address
You will not receive any hard copy literature in the post from the VH triathlon (all maps are available on the website including race day schedule
What happens if I take the chance and want to enter later closer to the race day?
By entering late you are taking the chance you may miss out altogether. The main events might close off entries before the event if limits are reached
After online entries close, late entries may be accepted at Registration the day before the tri with the appropriate late fee if there are available spaces
Under no circumstances will late entries be accepted on the race day unless previously arranged by RD
What happens after I have entered?
Keep training and encourage friends to join in with you or ask them to come and watch or even ask them to volunteer their services
Remind your friends there are cut off dates and the events fill quickly
After online entries close, the results website will list all entrants. Please double check your personal and event details. Contact RD asap if your details are incorrect and need updating. Updating early will incur no fees!
You must still register on the event weekend where you will collect a transponder, plastic race number bib, 4 pins, complimentary swim cap and any event garments that you may have pre ordered and paid for
Read/study the instructions and race day schedule along with transition area/bike compound competitor flow and course maps, it is your responsibility to know where and how and what time
If you are relatively new to the sport of triathlon, you will need to read the TA rules, link to TA rules are on the website
What is the difference between entering and registering?
Remember each event has a limited size/field of competitors
Entering and paying for the event guarantees you a spot in your selected field/race, all events/races
Registering for the event confirms you are competing, once you have physically been given your allocated transponder, race number and event items
What happens at registration?
Registration takes place at the Anchorage Sea Front Hotel and between certain times, read your event instructions on the website or hard copy entry form and race day schedule, bring your filled out hard copy entry form with all your correct details with legible writing and late fee if entering late
Registration must take place the day before the race because of the extra large fields, limited space at the race site, the time available between sun rise/bike compound opening and the 1st event starting it is physically impossible to achieve all race day pre registrations
Make sure you check the website and remember your allocated race number before you turn up to register. All details including race number, swim cap colour, swim/wave start time, bike rack number will also be available on a large spread sheet at the registration venue as you enter the building
If your details are wrong and need updating please tell registration staff
If your details are correct and you have your race # you would proceed to collect your transponder with the corresponding race number #, plastic race number bib, 4 pins, designated coloured swim cap, garments if pre ordered and paid for. It is very unlikely there will be garments for sale on the day
Only 1 team member needs to come to register for their team but others are welcome to come if they wish.

You want to enter late see (late entry question)

What happens if I or we couldn’t make registration and still want to compete?
If you can’t make registration we urge you to find a friend who can register for you
You would have to register 2hrs before your event, it is physically impossible to register all/the whole field on the morning of the race
Where can I do warm ups?
Before you enter and leave transition area make sure you are wearing your plastic bracelet
You must not enter the Enc Conference Centre adjoining the cycle compound is a “no go zone at all times”, it’s private property, respect their privacy
Please be aware of other events starting and finishing
Bartel Boulevard is a no go zone for warming up, study your maps to find a quiet areas away from competitors
What happens on race day?
All competitors must have and wear their plastic ID wrist bracelet all day especially to enter and exit the cycle/transition compound, failure to do so will not allow you to enter or exit transition/bike compound
Read/study maps/race day schedule
Late registrations open at sun rise or when staff are set up at approximately 7am, you must know your race # before registering
The cycle compound/transition opens at approx sun rise approximately 7am
Cycle racks are labelled, please rack your bike correctly in your designated area, No competitor is disadvantaged by their position
Technical Officials will check water temperature and give all competitors the results whether wearing a wetsuit is allowed at briefing
Limited area is available along side bike for towel, wetsuit, shoes, drink bottle. Rest of your gear packed in bag and left in bag area.
Compulsory arm and leg marking in transition area from 8:00am at the blue trailer for Olympic distance triathletes only
Race briefing for each event happens 1/2 hour before each race start, listen for further instructions/updates that you may not know about
Tech officials will be roaming transition and race area, there are strict rules, it is your responsibility to know the race rules, check the website for the latest TA rules and/or changes
What happens at swim start?
Make sure you know where your bike is racked, you maybe disorientated by the time you get back from the swim
Make sure you are ready to go on the beach, in designated group at the allotted time wait for starting instructions and firing gun
Make sure you swim in your designated age group/wave start with others with the same coloured swim cap
All swim starts are done as a staggered wave start decided by size and gender and or age group
If you are a slow swimmer start at the rear or side of the wave start
If you are a fast swimmer please be aware of slow swimmers in the wave start in front of you
Make sure you hear your transponder beep as you run over the swim exit timing mat
Make sure you notify an official if unable to continue and withdraw and hand in transponder to the official or at the registration tent
What happens at cycle start?
Make sure you have removed your wetsuit, swim cap (yours to keep) and goggles and left in your own small designated area
Make sure you have your bib/race # securely attached clearly visible facing backwards if you have a race belt or forwards with no belt
Make sure your helmet is fully secured before removing your bike from the rack
Make sure you walk your bike through transition area/bike compound until the mount/dismount line situated at the start of your ride
Make sure you slow down before the mount/dismount line upon returning to the transition area/bike compound
Make sure you rack your bike before removing your helmet
Make sure you notify an official if unable to continue and withdraw and hand in transponder to the official or at the registration tent
What happens at run start?
Make sure you have a large % of your upper body covered
Make sure you have your race number facing forwards and clearly visible
Make sure you are aware of other competitors coming in to the transition/bike compound as you leave
Make sure you are aware of other competitors when getting drinks at the designated drink stations
What happens when I finish?
Make sure your race # is on the front of your garment as you head down the last 200m, the reason is photographic identification smile
Make sure you stay in single file, finishing as you head through finish arch so we can double check your race # and time
Make sure you have a volunteer remove your transponder, or if you were told at the briefing to return it yourself, take it to the Registration tent at the Presentation area
Let officials know if you were unable to finish a discipline or the whole race and return your transponder to the registration team/tent
What happens after I finish?
Make sure your transponder has been removed before moving along to the refreshment tent
Make sure you remove the tear off random draw prize tag from your plastic race number bib and place into the random draw box at the refreshment tent, you are free to keep your plastic race number bib
Make sure you only have a small amount of refreshment food, all food is donated by some small sponsors and is limited
Make sure you are aware that there still maybe competitors starting or finishing their events
What time can I get my bike/gear out of the bike compound/transition area?
Make sure you have your race number on if wanting to remove bike, helmet and bag from the transition area
You will be notified when you can remove items/cycle from the compound
What happens at presentation?
Make sure you have removed your tear off random draw prize tag from the bottom of your plastic race number bib and placed in box
Presentations start with speeches followed by trophy winners and finish with random draw prizes
You must be present and in person at presentation to collect your prize if your number is drawn out
Trophies not collected at presentation will be posted out with the appropriate postage fee
Trophies unclaimed/unwanted will be recycled
What happens with my results?
All provisional results will be available directly after presentations
All provisional results will be posted online and will remain provisional for 3 days after which they will be proclaimed “Final”
No results will be posted out via snail mail
What happens if my results are incorrect or missing?
You need to contact Event Strategies or the RD asap in regards to the discrepancy
If possible have proof of the discrepancy/witness
Finals results are posted online 4 days after the event once all discrepancies are sorted
Are my pets allowed during fun walk?
No pets are allowed due to the confined space for the competitors, high speed cycling and because of the crowd size
Where can I get photos from the event?
Some photos are available depending on the availability of a the camera man. You will only need your race number when sourcing photographs.
The events are all filmed in HD and a DVD is available for sale through the website.
Who do I contact if I have feedback?
Please email the Race Director on if you have any feedback or questions

Triathlon South Australia State Series and Interclub Series race.

2021 South Australian Standard Distance State Championship

2021 Standard Distance National Qualifying event

Medallion for all Kids Triathlon Finishers who enter by Friday 19/2/21