Triathlon Australia Qualifying Race
State Series Victor Harbor Triathlons 2021

Presented by Sid James & Event Strategies

Event Nutrition

Victor Harbour Triathlon has engaged Hammer Nutrition as the “official Sports Nutrition Supplier”. Hammer will ensure that every athlete is supplied with the best Endurance Sports Nutrition available. Choice of event nutrition is extremely important to all events.

Hammer Nutrition is at the cutting edge of Sports Nutrition. Hammer has focused on making products, using only ingredients which it believes are of benefit to the athlete. This means that its products contain no added simple sugars, colourings, preservatives and anything which is harmful to the athlete’s performance.

Athlete Nutritional Education is extremely important to us. We believe in not only selling you the best Endurance fuels, but also backing that up with the best athlete nutritional Education and advice service in Australia.

Athletes can start learning by reading “the 10 biggest Mistakes Endurance Athletes make”

To learn more on Endurance Sports Nutrition you can download the “Endurance Athletes Guide to success”

Any questions can be emailed to

Course Nutrition

Hammer will be supplying its world famous H.E.E.D. (High Energy Electrolyte Drink) Official course drink.

HEED known for it’s extremely subtle taste and ease of consumption, using only complex Carbohydrates and no simple sugars, with a full spectrum of Electrolytes, making it the perfect fuel

Athletes will also be provided with a Hammer Gel, known for its great taste and no added simple sugars.

Endurance athletes who are looking for a more Endurance fuel source should also consider, Perpeutem. Known for its everlasting fuel mix of Carbs, protein and lipids, its reputation amongst Endurance Athletes for providing a rock solid fuel for events lasting greater than 4 hours!

What it takes to fuel for An Olympic Distance

The average competitor will take between 2-3 hours for this event.

5 Key things you need to for nutrition

  1. Keep fluid intake during exercise between 550-800/ml per hour.
  2. Keep Calorie consumption to a maximum of 300 cal / hour. (1260 kj/ Hr)
  3. Measure exactly what calories/kj you are consuming. Taking too much is worse than not enough!
  4. Separate your hydration from your nutrition on the bike to stop confusion. Have 1 bottle for each.
  5. Only consume complex Carbohydrates until the last 20-30 minutes of the run.

Use some form of extra Endurolytes supplementation if you are prone to cramping. The longer and hotter your event the more you will need this.

Hammer’s preferred fuel use

  1. On the bike use either H.E.E.D. or Hammer Gel
    – consume 1 bottle 750 ml of HEED (2 scoops – 200 calories) drink 1 750 ml bottle.
    – If using Hammer Gel – consume 1 gel in the 1st 30 mins of the ride and then consume another 1 in the last 10 mins. Ensure you consume 750 ml water as well.
    – If you are prone to cramping you may also consider consuming 1-3 Endurolytes per hour.
  2. On the run take 1-2 Hammer Gels per Hour.
    – Drink 550 -800 ml per hour. Avoid simple sugars until the last 20-30 minutes.
    – If cramping is still an issue, continue using Endurolytes throughout the run.
  3. When finished refuel within 20-30 minutes with Recoverite (2-3 scoops)

Buy Hammer 15% discount

Competitors to the event can buy HEED prior to the event and all other Hammer products at a 15 % discount.

To buy place this code VHT into the coupon section of the checkout cart, then press apply. The discount will be applied.

All orders over $150 are freight free.


Triathlon South Australia State Series and Interclub Series race.

2021 South Australian Standard Distance State Championship

2021 Standard Distance National Qualifying event

Medallion for all Kids Triathlon Finishers who enter by Friday 19/2/21